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Melissa Parker Portfolio
About Me

I'm a 26 year old graduate of Baker College with a Bachelor's Degree in Information
Technology and Securities.  I also graduated in 2006 with an Associates Degree in
Web Design and graduated from High School in 2001.  I'm currently looking to get a
job in one of my fields of study.

On a more personal note, I enjoy spending time with my family (my mother, aunt,
grandparents, etc).  My friends mean the absolute world to me and I consider each
and every one of them family.  I was born, and currently live, in Michigan, but I've
been all over the place.  I spent 10 years in North Las Vegas, Nevada and another 6
yeas in Ridgefield, Washington before moving back to Michigan in 2002.  I've also
visited Canada numerous times, and in 1997 I won an Essay contest through my
mother's company and spent 10 days (including my 14th Birthday) in Japan.

I've been Web Designing since 1999/2000 when I started putting them together to
house my growing collection of Fanfiction stories for the TV Show
Sailor Moon.  I've
been graphic designing since 2000/2001.  I started with
Paint Shop Pro 7 and moved
on just recently to
Adobe Photoshop Elements.  

In my spare time I enjoy, even to this day, writing fanfiction.  I've expanded my
fandoms to
Power Rangers (all seasons), Star Wars and recently began working on
fics for Disney's movie
Camp Rock.  I'm also an avid reader - my drugs of choice are
anything Nora Roberts, Christina Skye and C.L. Wilson's Tarien Soul series
- and a
music junkie -
I'll listen to just about anything, especially pop and country.

My philosophy in life is that it's too short to be unhappy, too short to do anything
but what you love doing.  Having lost my father at a relatively young age, I know
that life is not guaranteed to me, and so I try to be the best I can be each day.  My
ultimate goals are to one day possibly open my own company, and settle down and
have a family.